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How to Apply Eyeshadow in the Best Possible Way

The eyeshadow is an important element when it comes to eye makeup. They have a great way of highlighting the eyes, making them look more prominent. Eyeshadow can be applied in a number of ways, each of them serving to create distinctly unique looks. Take a look at some tips on how to apply eyeshadow and be more creative with the overall appearance of your eyes.

Get the right ingredients

Before starting with eyeshadow makeup make sure you have all the necessary tools required for it. Eyeshadows come in all types of colors and can be obtained in compact powder, loose powder as well as in cream forms. Although it is not necessary that you have to get all the different eye shadow colors in one go, you need to have at least 3 shades in same color palette. For eye shadows that do not look overdone, choose shades having neutral tones, such as grays or browns. Alternatively you can go with other colors as well that appeal to you. Although it is possible to apply eyeshadow with fingertips, it might make them too big. Instead use brushes for your eye shadow application. Get at least three brushes to apply the eye shadows; one stiff dome brush, one stiff flat brush and one soft pencil brush.Learn how to apply eye shadow

Learn how to apply eyeshadow

When it comes to applying eye shadows, it is very important to use the correct brush and apply the shadow powder or cream at the right speed. Do not rush through your makeup application or use wrong brush strokes as this will lead to a messy and unattractive eye shadow look. When you first put the pigment on your eyelid, just pat it lightly over your eyelid instead of brushing across it. This will help the eye shadow powder to stick to the skin better and help you to create a makeup that looks solid instead of patchy. If you are not using a highlighter shade, you should not apply eye shadow makeup all the way to the eyebrows. This will overdramatize your eyes, making them look too much overdone.

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Put eyeshadow makeup for the last

This is something you will find in many other articles that explain you how to apply eye shadow. Your eye makeup should be always done at the last stage of your overall makeup application process. Get started with your regular makeup and then only gradually proceed to the eye makeup. Apply your foundation, concealer, bronzer or blush and brow liner, and then carry out your eye shadow makeup. Use a shadow primer to make sure that your eye shadow makeup lasts all day. This will prevent the natural oils of your skin to seep through the eye shadow and cause it to accumulate along the crease of your eyes after several hours.

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August 28, 2014
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