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Six best makeup tips ever for looking gorgeous in minutes

We all know what good makeup can do to the overall appearance of a woman. Not only it has the power to magically transform a woman’s appearance within a matter of minutes, it can accentuate her confidence to a whole new level. No matter what face type of complexion you may have, a well planned makeup regime can help greatly to elevate your looks. In this article, we will discuss some of the best makeup tips ever and show how they can solve little pesky issues in your overall getup.

Apply blush strategically

To apply blush in a way that will flatter your face the most, first try and understand the shape of your face. Not only does blush add color, it also highlights your cheek bones and adds contours to your face. Strategic application of blush can help to highlight your best features as well as hide or soften the ones that are way too prominent.

Make use of a scotch tape eye stencil

A scotch tape eye stencil comes in handy especially when you are applying eye liners and shadows, or are going for a rather daring look like that of a cat eye. The stencil will also assist you in achieving a balanced look for either of your eyes.

gorgeous in minutes

Hiding those pesky under eye bags

The most common way of hiding under eye bags is to just put concealer along the entire length of the under eye area. However, this method is not really the most effective way to achieve the goal. The best thing to do would be to make the crease prominent and then put a darker shade along the actual puffy portions.

Putting eye highlights

How you place your eye highlights can be very important when you are trying to come up with eye makeup that is naturally beautiful. Apply the lighter colors like creams, pearls and whites in the middle of your eye, the inner corners as well as just under the brow bone. The lightest shades should be applied first, and from there you can slowly move on to the darker shades.

Fix lumpy mascara

Fix lumpy mascara

Mascara gets dried out after a point of time and forms lumpy formations, which are difficult to apply and certainly not attractive in any way. In such cases, it is also not advisable to pump the mascara more as this would send in more air inside the tube thereby getting it dried up even faster. Although the best thing to do to avoid lumpy mascaras is to get a new one every 3 or 4 months, there is another way you can fix this issue. Add a few drops of Visine into the tube. The Visine will soften the mascara and make it work just like before.

Get your lips exfoliated before applying lipstick

Exfoliate your lips by using a baby toothbrush. You can use a homemade lip exfoliating solution with coconut oil and sugar, or try covering your lips with a petroleum jelly or a lip balm before you go scrubbing.



August 4, 2014
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