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Cool street fashion trends for this season

Street fashion is often talked about due to its dynamic combination of youthful style and attitude. They have also influenced various cultural arenas such as mainstream fashion as well as movie making. Here we present you with some of the latest trends that are currently in practice in the world of street fashion.

Head case

Although at one point of time wearing large hats was quite the in-thing, it has now been replaced by stylish head cases that are much more minimalistic but highly effective in making a statement.

The color black

Black has always been considered somewhat of a safe color, as in no one can go wrong with it. For the last few seasons, it took a backseat when it came to street fashion, and gave way to more vibrant shades. However, this season has seen the return of black with a bang, and many people are choosing to combine a black vest or top with a black coat. Other variations of full black are also noticeable on the streets.

cropped tops

Cropped tops

Cropped tops are a favorite among crowds that are self-possessed and bold. They can also serve as great ways to flaunt a cool body. For women who are not that flashy, cropped tops can still do wonders when they are combined with high waist pants.

Cool Culottes

Culottes have been in the fashion circles for several decades, and they have now been heavily incorporated into the current trends of street fashion. They are large, spacious and bulky, and provide with great ways of showing legs. They also come in a wide variety of colors, cuts and designs, which when combined with tops of different types, help in creating a vast array of looks.

Fashionable Skirts

Skirts are versatile pieces of garment that go well with almost all types of clothing and accessories. They can come in different styles, cuts, designs and embellishments, and allow the wearer to add her own personal touch to them.

Pink shades

Pink is the shade that is doing quite the number of rounds nowadays. Whether it is skirts, culottes, t-shirts, cropped tops, sweaters, furs, or long coats, more and more women are recently combining pick with other contrasting shades or lighter colors to create a mesmerizing effect.

Fur jacket

Bright furs

Furs have always been major fashion statement among the young crowd. A nice fur coat can give a dynamic appeal to one’s overall appearance. Although furs have been traditionally preferred in black or dark shades, many women are nowadays adding brightly colored furs to their wardrobe. The most widely preferred colors include pink, fuchsia, deep orange, crimson, bright blue and turquoise blue.


Checks often create a structured look but when combined stylistically with jeans, skirts, t-shirts, sweaters, cool tops or pants, they often stand out for being sexy in a sleek way.


August 15, 2014
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