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Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes – Give them a Stunning Appearance


Many women have brown eyes and they often inquire about what are the best eye shadow shades for them. Brown eyes often look intense and soothing at the same time, thus making for an interesting appearance. If you choose the right eyeshadow for brown eyes, it can further accentuate the intrinsic appeal of your eyes and your overall makeup. Brown eyes are quite versatile and so a lot of eye shadow shades blend well with them. Read on to find out more about how you should choose eyeshadows for brown eyes.Eyeshadow for brown eyes

Since most people around the world have brown eyes, it is not too difficult to pick an eyeshadow for brown eyes. However, you need to be sure what effect you want to achieve by using eyeshadows. Are you looking for a color that compliments your brown eyes or opt for colors that are more monochromatic in their range? For complimenting your eyes, you need to opt for colors that stand opposite to brown in the color wheel. Some of the colors that go well with brown shades have been discussed below:

Brown eyeshadows

The best way to compliment your brown eyes would be to use brown eye shadows. However, brown eyeshadows come in numerous shades, and it is important for you to pick up one that doesn’t make your eyes appear dull. A matte shade always works with brown eyes. Apply lightly on the eye crease for mornings. If you are planning for night outs, create a dramatic look by putting heavier doses of brown eyeshadows.

Green eyeshadows

Green is another color that goes well with brown eyes. As brown eyes might not have shades that compliment them exactly, green eyeshadows will make your eyes look striking. Standard green shades help in creating a natural look. On the other hand, you can use olive green or forest green shades to create a sultry look. Green eyeshadows are especially fitted for brown eyes that have a tendency towards hazel.

Purple eyeshadow

Purple eyeshadows

Purple eyeshadows also work great for women having brown eyes. However, purple comes in a variety of shades, and you should pick one that compliments your skin tone best. If you have a lighter skin tone, you can try out a deep or medium deep purple shade. Alternatively, if your skin tone tends more towards a deeper hue, choose an eyeshadow that borders more towards lavender.

Blue eyeshadows

A blue eyeshadow for brown eyes is something that most makeup artists will recommend. It is thus not surprising that many women with brown eyes consider blue as their favorite eye shadow shade. Blue has several shades, such as turquoise, sky, crystal blue, etc. and works particularly well with brown eyes that have a reddish or orange hue.

Blue eyeshadow


September 5, 2014
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