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Handy Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Many a times you have heard people complimenting your beautiful brown eyes and calling you a lovely doe eyed girl. But have you ever pondered about enhancing the beauty of your precious brown gems that god has gifted you with? Here’s a few simple tricks that can work wonders for your eyes and turn you into one of the most desired women. It has been justly said that “the beauty of a woman can be seen through her eyes since that is the doorway to her heart, which is where love resides”. Know the right make up tips for brown eyes that makes a doe eyed woman like you even more impulsive for knowing the right ways to make your eyes look more attractive. As it is you are gifted with a great color that so many of your friends have always dreamed of.

Right estimation

The first thing that you need to do is make the right estimation of the type of brown eyes you are gifted with, it could be light brown, deep brown and honey eyes. Depending on the eye color and also your skin tone go ahead with these make tricks for the eyes that will leave people dumbstruck.

Makeup tips for brown eyes

Cover up your eye bags

For the perfect brown eyes that would attract one and all start with covering up your bulging eye bags if you have any. Eye bags are quite common these days because of the rising stress, but at times it could also be a premonition of acute disorders like diabetes too. So do not let them go unnoticed. As for a clever cover up, use gel based under eye concealments that would cover up the unwanted bulge. These are even effective to hide dark circles around your eyes.

Apply base neutral compact

Once that has been done, add some base neutral compact over the eyelids. Now you can start choosing from the myriad colors from your pallet to beautify your brown eyes. If you have a fair skin tone you can use colors like taupe, peach, purple or even bronze or gold shimmers. In fact, gold and bronze tones can be best for evenings. Blend the odor well, since the right eye shadow can make your eyes pop, so that others eyes start rolling. If you are one of those who have a darker skin tone, use colors like peach, or even shimmers. Once the coloring of the eyelids have been done select a water based mascara to curl up your eye lashes

. After you have applied the mascara use the eyelash curler to make your eyes stand out.

Try shades

Try shades

After you are done with this, try from the different shades of eye pencils. For the perfect brown eyes, use pencil colors like cobalt blue or even green. Use this for the upper eye lids and use a white pencil for the lower lids if you want to add a slightly different touch. If you are looking for a retro look, draw a longer line with either your eye pencil or eye liner over the upper eye lid. Your eye makeup is more or complete.

August 4, 2014
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